Thursday, August 06, 2009

"Arminianism and the Paper Trail of Prophesied Prayers"

James Anderson has written a fine response.


  1. BTW, is it just me or does the title sound like it could've made the next installment in the Indiana Jones series? Not to mention both Anderson and Indy are both uniquely gifted professors working in ancient fields. "Jones" and "Anderson" are both common last names too. Indeed, the similarities are striking. I don't suppose Dr. Anderson owns a fedora and bullwhip?

  2. Actually, he reminds me of another James Anderson from the greatest FPS of all time: LucasArts Outlaws. Somebody has to be the gun-slinging, scripture-quotin' sheriff of the theological wild west.

  3. I think the only thing we have in common is that we both hate snakes and Nazis.

    Let's pray that there's no next installment in the Indiana Jones series, given how dire the last one was.

  4. The problem with the last one was casting the "supreme avatar of pure male inadequacy"[1] and "the stand-in for the male viewers' greatest fears about themselves"[2] as the son of the man who is an entire generation's role model for intelligent and unapologetic masculinity.

    [2] Ibid.