Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Missing Ingredient

With all this talk of us Calvinists not being kind and loving enough when speaking to Arminians, I thought I would check the recipe book to see if there was something we're missing here. After all, maybe we're just missing something important. Well, since Reppert, Birch, and of course, our most model citizen of late BSmanham surely have the corner on theological discourse and Christian love, I asked around, and, after doing some digging I found their secret ingredient:

There we go. Apparently, we here at Triablogue missed the last few shipments of product from Amsterdam. I've placed a bulk order through the "usual channels" and I am assured that soon we'll have enough ecstasy to go around by the end of the week. Until then, we'll just let the Arminians play with their pretty glowsticks and pacifiers over in the corner.

Love, love, love, that's all we need.

Post Script: I also called the designer, and when our shipment arrives, the furry wall will be installed too.

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