Monday, August 03, 2009

The cryonicists versus the eugenicists

Not only is humanism at war with Christianity, it’s also at war with itself. On the one hand, humanism brags about how medical science has extended the quality and duration of the human lifespan. We live longer and better. Not only do we live longer, but due to medical science, we are able to sustain a higher quality of life over a longer span. Indeed, there’s a life extension movement.

And that’s only natural. After all, a humanist thinks this life is all there is. More is better and better is more.

On the other hand, we have the eugenicists. They worry about the “Population Bomb.” About squandering scarce medical resources on the elderly. We also have environmentalists who think humanity is a threat to the biosphere. We even have antinatalists who think it’s immoral to have babies.

One set of humanists is trying to pull the plug while another set of humanists is pinning its hopes on suspended animation, mind uploading, &c. The cryonicists versus the eugenicists.

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  1. And this makes Christians wonder..."Do humans even exist?" :p