Tuesday, August 04, 2009

How to bork a Calvinist

There’s a concerted effort on the part of militant Arminians to bork Calvinists. “To bork" means to concoct a defamatory narrative about your opponent–either an individual opponent or whole movement. You then keep repeating the narrative until it begins to “stick” in popular perception.

To my knowledge, borking Calvinists goes all the way back to John and Charles Wesley. Here’s the borkian narrative of Calvinism in a nutshell:

Calvinists are mean. Meaner than other Christians–especially Arminians.

Calvinists aren’t bad because they’re mean. No, Calvinists are mean because they’re bad.

They’re bad because they’re demon seed. You see, Calvinists are devil-worshipers. They worship a diabolical God, and you mutate into what you worship. Like father, like son.

They act mean cuz they worship a mean ol’ God. Not mean is as mean does, but vice versa. Satanic–that’s what they are! Indeed, worse than Satan!

We frequently speak in figurative terms about “demonizing” an opponent, but when it comes to borking Calvinists, Militant Arminians view Calvinists as literally demonic, because they view Calvinism as literally demonic.

Unless you push back, borking one’s opponent is a very effective tactic.


  1. I've been borked especially when I mention the "L" word, or even the "P" word.

    There's something about saying Jesus died for only the elect that makes the hair stand up on the back of the necks of non-reformed persons.

  2. Has anyone had the experience of Arminians saying that your view of predestination leads to licentious living...only to later on be described as a legalist when it comes to the use of the Law in evangelism and Christian living?

    I know that's one of my favorite accusations...well, that and I'm demonic.

  3. Steve Hays: "Unless you push back, borking one’s opponent is a very effective tactic."

    They've rigged the game. If they bork you, and you let it go, they win over the undiscerning.

    If they bork you, and you push back, then they just resort to plan B, and call you a different set of names for how you pushed back, and for simply just pushing back in the first place against their loving correction of you.

    You can't win. You just have to pick which way you want to lose.

  4. I have encountered some crazy borking comments.
    Some of you have probably seen this, but just in case, here it is for your entertainment: "John Piper Is Bad"