Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Double Standards That Kill

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  1. Try a test, Steve. Ask yourself and your conservative friends some questions. Apparently you are of the opinion that US based crimes are well known but enemy crimes, like those of Al Qaeda are unknown. Ask yourself and your friends these questions.

    Enemy Crimes:

    1-Do you know what happened on 9-11-2001? How many died?
    2-Have you heard of Pol Pot?
    3-Have you heard of Nick Berg?
    4-Have you heard of Daniel Pearl?
    5-How many Americans have died in Iraq and Afghanistan?
    6-What does Lockerbie refer to?

    You and the conservatives you know have a pretty good idea and can answer these questions at a ball park level at least. Here are some of the crimes from our side. Ask your friends if they've heard of them or can tell you any details.

    Our crimes:

    1-Do you know when the war in Vietnam started? Which portion of Vietnam was attacked? How many people died in the entire conflict? Can you answer within an order of magnitude?
    2-What happened on 9-11-1973? How many people died?
    3-Do you know about birth defects in Fallujah and how they were caused?
    4-Do you know how many people have been tortured to death in US custody according to Human Rights Watch since 9-11?
    5-How many have died in Iraq since the US invasion? Do you know the order of magnitude?
    6-What is the Haditha Massacre?
    7-What does Afghan Convoy of Death refer to?
    8-Name the most deadly terrorist incident in the western hemisphere prior to 9-11 that involved a civilian airliner.
    9-Name the 2 largest genocidal campaigns since WWII and where the weaponry came from.

    I'm going to guess that you can't answer a single one of those 9 questions without going to Google right now. So you should ask yourself how you can sustain a claim like this when you are so ignorant of the crimes coming from our side.