Friday, January 20, 2012

Bart Ehrman in a sentence

Bart Ehrman's work "has a feisty flavor that makes it interesting, but the author is far too impressed by his own skepticism." D.A. Carson, New Testament Commentary Survey, 40.


  1. Ok, but is what he writes wrong? Why? I understand if you don't like his tone, but that says nothing about whether he's right or not.

  2. Context, Eric.

    The point of the post wasn't to let Dr. Carson explain why he is wrong, but rather to get a condensed and erudite summary of a salient issue.

    If you want to know why Ehrman is wrong, do a search of this blog or go borrow one of the books written in reply to him from your local library.

  3. To reinforce what Mr. Fosi said, we have many posts responding to Ehrman in our archives, including book and debate reviews.