Friday, December 02, 2011


According to William Lane Craig:

Your pun on Sophie’s Choice (a choice between two bad options) reveals that you haven’t yet grasped the theory of middle knowledge, for God doesn’t create such a choice for Himself. The counterfactuals of creaturely freedom which confront Him are outside His control. He has to play with the hand He has been dealt.

When a poker game gets out of control, things can get mighty rambunctious. Last night the angel Gabriel showed me what God was up against. 


  1. Well, this just shows the total corruptness and heresy of the Molinist viewpoint and Craig's position in particular. Something is out of God's control, huh? Does he even grasp the concept of what he is saying? He is an open theist, i.e., a heretic.

    Craig needs to repent and ask the Lord's forgiveness for his actions, otherwise he needs to immediately stop writing/debating and undertaking any apologetic activities. He is damaging the caus of Christ and the church.

  2. Maybe I'm just an idiot, but how is this not open theism?

  3. In open theism God doesnt know the future (or at least some aspects of the future).

    In Molinism, God knows the future because he has chosen to activate a specific version based on all the foreseen possibilities. The foreseen possibilities depend on the libertarian free actions of the creatures, and there may not be a possible future that fulfills all his desires. He settles for the next best one.

    Someone more knowledgable should correct me if Im mistaken or missing nuance.