Thursday, December 01, 2011

Liberal Arminianism

This is a follow-up to an earlier post:

In my observation, Arminian institutions are generally more liberal than Reformed institutions. Although Reformed institutions can go liberal, when that happens, Calvinists break away to form conservative alternatives.

What is it about Arminian theology that seems to foster greater tolerance for liberal theology? In addition to some of the examples I already cited in my previous post, here are some other examples that spring to mind:

Consider Southern Methodist University:

This is also where open theist William Abraham, Albert Cook Outler Professor of Wesley Studies, teaches.

Or consider open theist Henry Knight, Donald and Pearl Wright Professor of Wesleyan Studies, at St. Paul School of Theology.

Or consider Messiah College, a Wesleyan institution where open theist Randall Basinger is Provost.

Or consider Roberts Wesleyan College, where open theist David Basinger teaches.

Or consider Roger Olson’s liberal theology and politics. Just go to his blog.

Or consider Seattle Pacific University, a Free Methodist institution, with liberal theology profs. like Frank Spina and Robert Wall. 


  1. "Liberal Arminianism"

    Practically a redundancy in terms.

  2. "What is it about Arminian theology that seems to foster greater tolerance for liberal theology?"

    Tolerance and/or it gives birth to liberal theology.

    A toleration of consequential offspring arising from a bad seed.

  3. Or Asbury Seminary where that doofus Jerry Walls holds to the possibility of post-mortem salvation.

    Or Westminster Seminary where Peter Enns is... oh wait, they kicked him out. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.