Thursday, December 01, 2011

“For graduate students, only the most recent research is adequate, particularly when you reach the dissertation stage”

Just sayin’. There’s a good reason for this, which escapes some people.


  1. The inevitable question that must arise upon the publication of such a book is, "Should I buy it?" If you are a student of the Greek NT and have not yet purchased a standard lexicon, the answer is an unqualified Yes. You will never accomplish any serious exegesis if you remain forever with only a beginner's lexicon (as Newman's Dictionary must be judged; it has other limitations as well)... Thayer ought not even be considered since his work is both inaccurate and seriously out of date (it is "pre-papyri")... So buy BDAG (sell your car if necessary!) and learn to use it. You will not regret your purchase.

  2. this is really good - I have the old 2nd Edition - I remember complaining how expensive it was in Seminary, 1983-1988, bought it in 1984 for Greek class.

    I never realized how many mistakes and updates there are to it. wow.

    Thanks for this, and the link to NT Resources - excellent material - is "Newman's Dictionary" - John Henry Newman ?

  3. Thanks Ken. I honestly don't know about the Newman thing, but I don't think it would be that Newman for a lexicon.

  4. oh, ok, now I see that Decker meant Barclay M. Newman;

    I didn't think J. H. Newman authored a Greek Dictionary.

    If he had, the deep studies in Biblical Greek would propably have have kept him from converted to Rome.