Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Statutory rape

“Oh my. My girlfriend (who was not impregnated by me, Steve the Strawman)”


I never said that Sean was the father. I left paternity ambiguous because Sean left paternity ambiguous.

“Got knocked up by some 20-year-old bastard when she was 14 and her child has to pay for her sin?’

i) I don’t view motherhood in punitive terms. Only a secular misogynist would regard motherhood in such demeaning terms.

ii) The abortion lobby opposes statutory rape laws. The abortion lobby opposes the prosecution of adult men who seduce underage girls.




If Sean really cared about what some 20-year-old bastard did to a 14-year-old girl, he would lobby for the prosecution of Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation when they violate the law by failing to report cases of statutory rape to the authorities.

“Again, this is where you live in medieval times and I don’t. The point is, the boyfriend didn’t do the right thing, and you would have the girl punished in his stead.”

Notice the twisted thinking. Sean is the one who would let the statutory rapist off the hook, leaving the girl holding the bag.

The point is having laws which make the boyfriend do the right thing, if he’s underage, or punishing an adult if he seduces an underage girl.


  1. that "20 year old bastard" was just born that way, Sean. Sheesh, way to be a bigot.

  2. So true. Sean needs to bone up on his Richard Dawkins.

  3. Haha!

    Speaking of Dawkins, I found one of the greatest quotes ever in that interview with David Berlinski y'all posted the other day:

    "...asking someone like Richard Dawkins about the evidence for God’s existence is a little like asking a quadruple amputee to run the marathon." - David Berlinski

  4. Dear Triablogues,

    Let me ask you something. I understand that you regard a fetus as a human being to the extent at least that killing it should be outlawed, regardless of the age of the fetus (all the way from the single cell zygote stage), right? If abortion of a fetus is murder, should both the mother and the doctor be charged with murder, and anyone else involved in the conspiray to commit murder? If so, do you agree that the new south dakota law is too lenient? If not, why not?

    Thank you for your time and best wishes.