Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kids at risk

Kaffinator said:

“ What a horrifying suggestion...that the adopted children of homosexual couples will be subjected to sodomy as children. Do you have any sort of documentation or study that documents this as a trend, or is it just an uninformed hunch on your part?”








  1. OK, I looked at these.

    1) FRC on Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse - Not about adoption. Not a study.

    2) Traditional Values - Repeat of article 1.

    3) Homosexual Child Molestations By Foster Parents - As far as I can tell, this is not a peer-reviewed or published study but merely a collection of findings. Documents sexual abuse of children but does not assess the sexual orientation of the adult (merely assuming for example that a woman who sexually abuses a girl is necessarily a lesbian). Gathers conclusions from a 1986 study that found only six cases of "serious sexual advances" from 3714 adults.

    4) World Net Daily? Um, anyway, not a study, not about adoption.

    5) Regent.edu - Not about adoption. Not a study.

    6) Culture and Family - Not a study. But at least this one is about adoption! Mainly it quotes Rosie O'Donnell who I guess is some kind of authority?

    If this is the best you can do it seems to me your case isn't very strong. And this is coming from someone (myself) who is Christian in the five-point-sola sense, including sola scriptura, including the necessary conclusion that homosexual behavior is sinful. The problem is, so is lots of other human behavior but I do not see Christians campaigning to restrict adoption rights from those who are divorced and remarried, or who have seriously sinful habits of greed and consumption, etc.

    In the end it may be true that allowing homosexual couples to adopt is dangerous in the long run. But if you are going to argue that case you are going to have to do a better job than the articles above.

    And as a disciple of Christ you owe it to Him to show love for sinners. You can start by not imagining all homosexuals to be spouse-smacking pedophilic sexaholics. Do you even know anyone who identifies as homosexual?

  2. Oh, a "Christian in the five-point-sola sense". So, I guess this means you are a believer. Why is it you'd like homosexuals to have children in there care?

    Which of the sodomites will teach a girl to be a woman? And which will teach a boy to be a man?