Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun With the Site Meter

Every now and then I look at my site meter. It’s normally at the end of the day, when I’m about to start reading for the night. My favorite part of the site meter is the "referrals" section. This tells me who’s visiting my site, and where they are coming from. It’s fun to see which sites generate the most active links here. It also allows me to know whether or not folks are utilizing the links I myself have planted. For instance, I planted a link on the Puritan Board thread about Stauffer’s book to my critique of his work. Hopefully, that did not violate any TOS rules. So far, no moderators have objected. Because of my trusty site meter, I was able to find out how many people read my article (or at least went to the article) through the link I posted. Site meters are cool.

But what is really fun is to see how people stumble upon Veritas Redux by google. Someone might come by googling "Reformed exegesis of John 6" or "Calvinist blog" or "Veritas Redux" or sometimes even "Evan May" (the other night I noticed how many people who came by googling "Paul Manata." Congratulations, Paul). One really funny one (you need not be embarrassed if you are reading this; I have made no effort to find out who you are) was when someone googled "" Now, if you already know that it is a ".com" why bother using google? Who knows…

The other night I noticed how popular the infamous Michael Dries has become, whether this be because of his staunch defense of KJV Onlyism or his outright calling Dr. James White a "witch" and a "devil priest." I’ve had several hits come to my critique of Dr. Stauffer’s work simply because people have googled “Michael Dries”! Thanks, Mr. Dries! Hope you don’t think I’m a "devil priest"…

Evan May.

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