Thursday, March 16, 2006

Homosexual adoption-3

Dan B. said:

“I'll make a very short comment into this debate, and I'll likely be ignored, because I don't have any studies, or data, because it's not my field…I'm just a visitor and not a contributor.”

Dan may not be a contributor, but he’s making a definite contribution to the debate, unlike some visitors. Thanks Dan. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said:

“Thank God we live in a country which makes decisions based on a constitution instead of the Bible.”

The Establishment Clause merely prohibits the Federal government from establishing a national church.

Kaffinator said:

“Are we basically ignoring those and, like the Pharisees, focusing on the ‘easy targets’ (i.e. someone else)?”

What about “easy targets” like defenseless children?

“I know a single (white) woman who adopted a black child whose biological mother was a drug-user and did not have the skills or ability or inclination to actually raise a child. Sure it would have been better to place that child into a two-parent home. But I think in this case it’s clear that the child is much better off with a parent who loves and her and is able to care for her.

Because my relatively affluent single white female friend is not, in your terms, a “family”, you would deny her the adoption.”

A single heterosexual parent or guardian is better than a homosexual “couple.”

“Would you ever consider that a household with two monogamous (but homosexual) adults, with adequate finances and time to devote to parenting, could ever be considered an improvement for children who have no parents at all?”

Aside from the myth of the “monogamous” homosexual “couple,” no, it would not be an improvement. It would be a material improvement, but a moral detriment.

“Anon has keyed into the fact that labeling someone’s home environment as “100% depraved” is a judgmental, stereotypical attitude. Unsurprisingly, Anon responds in kind. See how hate breeds hate, folks? Jesus offers us a better way, but unbelievers will not believe it until we can show it to them in our speech and actions.”

i) I share the same “judgmental, stereotypical” attitude as God in Scripture. I’m comfortable to be in that company.

ii) I’m a lot more concerned about the hateful treatment of children by placing them in a God-hating environment.

iii) I rather like the message that we send when we preach and practice Biblical morality, including sexual morality.

iv) Notice how the Kaffinator smears his theological opponents by equating principled opposition to homosexual adoption with “hatred.”

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