Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dickensian America

Ree said:

“ Do you know why Catholic Charities is halting adoptions? It's because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts won't allow them to "discriminate against homosexual couples" by refusing to place children with them.”

Thanks, Ree.

This comment is worth bringing into relief. Classic, isn’t it?

It’s bad enough that a kid is put up for adoption—although that’s better than killing it in the womb.

But even if the “unwanted” child escapes the scalpel of the abortionist, the baby-butchers are determined to consign it to an abnormal, unnatural home environment where, at best, it will be exposed to a steady diet of perversion and instability—domestic violence is high in the homosexual “community”—and, at worst, it will be sodomized, as the victim of child rape.

Charles Dickens made his name as a novelist by chronicling the fate of orphans and foundlings during the Industrial Revolution. The horrors which he documented contributed to social reforms.

But we’ve returned to a Dickensian era in which it’s once against open season on the most vulnerable members of society. Where parents have a license to murder their young, inside or outside the womb—all thanks to a judicial coup d’etat.

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  1. What a horrifying suggestion...that the adopted children of homosexual couples will be subjected to sodomy as children. Do you have any sort of documentation or study that documents this as a trend, or is it just an uninformed hunch on your part?