Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The suicide card as the trump card

LGBT apologists like to play the suicide card. That's their trump card. They claim that the (alleged) social stigmatization of the LGBT community is responsible for higher suicide rates in that demographic group. I'd like to make a couple of brief observations:

i) If it were true, shouldn't that be a general principle that's applicable to other stigmatized groups? For instance, consider culture warriors. A short list would include Mike Adams, Ryan Anderson, Bill Bennett, Michael Brown, Joe Carter, James Dobson, David French, Robert Gagnon, Mark Levin, John MacArthur, Michael Medved, Albert Mohler, Tony Perkins, Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Doug Wilson, &c. 

This list could be easily extended. Now, these are people who are stigmatized by the liberal establishment. Many people despise them. I'm sure lots of them receive truckloads of hate-mail. 

Does that make them suicidal? 

ii) Assuming, for the sake of argument, that this is a generally valid principle, why aren't pressure groups which blame high rates of suicide in the LGBT community on social hostility be concerned about how they are driving culture warriors to commit suicide by constant vilification? 

If they really care about people, if they think "hate speech" is a catalyst for suicide, why do they demonize culture warriors? Are they trying to drive them over the edge? 


  1. 1. When LGBT apologists say, for instance, "It's all your fault, conservative Christian parent, that your LGBT child committed suicide!", LGBT apologists are bullying the other side. They're attempting to shame and guilt them into submission or at least silence. It's emotional manipulation.

    2. It's true some parents may be bad parents, and that their bad parenting has negatively impacted the LGBT child's mental health. But how does this apply to all parents with an LGBT child?

    3. What about the fact that some LGBT children may be manipulating their parents? Teens and older children can be quite clever in this regard.

    If a parent of a LGBT child commits suicide, does this mean it's the LGBT child's fault for causing the parent to commit suicide?

    4. Richard Dawkins takes a similar tack when he argues parents teaching children Christian beliefs and values is tantamount to child abuse.

  2. According to the Liberal establishment, black people are very stigmatized and marginalized in American culture. But they also have one of the lowest suicide rates.

  3. It reminds of a scene from Blazing Saddles where the whole town pulls their guns on the new sheriff. The sheriff pulls a gun on himself and says something to the effect that everyone should throw down their guns or the sheriff gets it... The mayor or somebody says something like, "We better do what he says. I think he's serious!" So they do.

  4. Sounds like there are serious mental health issues in addition to the rampant disease problems inherent within the homosex sub-culture. There's apparently no personal responsibility, it's the victim mentality run amok.

    Plus isn't this the sort of feint a petulant child or a spurned lover pulls when he's not getting what he demands?

    "If I can't have things my way then I'll kill myself!"

    This isn't the normal way that normal people deal with the problems of life.