Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hating on Christians

I just skimmed a comment thread on John Piper's Facebook page concerning how the homosexual movement has co-opted the rainbow symbol. I will focus on one comment because it nicely encapsulates so much confused thinking:

Sayward Shea What I would like to know is why everyone is focused on gays and their choice of lifestyle while child pornography and human trafficking is being ignored? Why not focus all of your hateful energy towards child rapists and molesters. I can't for the life of me see how religious groups bashing anyone is going to 'convert' anyone to becoming 'straight'. Focus elsewhere people.

i) It is hateful for critics to accuse Christians of hating homosexuals. Critics are guilty of the very thing they slander Christians for doing. 

They are stereotyping faithful, Bible-believing Christians en masse. A sweeping, defamatory, unformed stereotype. By definition, that's bigotry!

ii) In addition, this knee-jerk allegation is unintelligent. Suppose I have a daughter who's anorexic. I disapprove of her anorexia. I discourage her anorexia. I take her to a psychologist.

Does that mean I hate my daughter? To the contrary, if I hated my daughter, I wouldn't care if she's involved in self-destructive behavior. 

It is thoughtless to equate disapproval with hate. 

iii) I'm old enough to remember a time when Christians rarely discussed homosexuality. What changed? The political culture, that's what. Homosexuals and their enablers decided to make this the new front in the culture wars. They decided to impose this on everyone else. Mandate their propaganda in the public school curriculum. Use the police powers of the state to silence dissent.   

iv) Although we should combat human trafficking, that's an international phenomenon. Christian Americans have far less influence over what other countries do than our own. 

Likewise, the Internet is a major conduit of pornography. But that becomes a dicey issue. How do you censure Internet porn without turning control of the internet over to the government, or the UN? Consider debates over "net neutrality." 

v) Moreover, it doesn't even occur to her to consider the fact that gay porn, kiddie porn, and human trafficking overlap. Homosexuals have an insatiable appetite for pornographic images of minors as well as underage prostitutes.  

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  1. These people have no idea what Chrisians actually do. Bible believing Christians do way more than liberals they just follow Matthew 6:3. Let them accuse us. We'll get our rewards.