Monday, July 20, 2015

Aphrodite or hermaphrodite?

i) One of the tactics which the LGBT lobby deploy is to play the suicide card. If you oppose transgenderism, you are guilty of pushing teenagers (or young adults) over the edge. If they kill themselves, you are to blame.

Currently, Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner is the posterboy/girl for the transgender movement. The icon. The inspiring role model.

But if Jenner is the standard of comparison, that's what would induce people who suffer from gender confusion to contemplate suicide. 

From what I've read, Bruce hasn't undergone what's euphemistically termed "genital reassignment." Assuming that's the case, he's basically a man from the waist down, but a woman from the waist up. Less Aphrodite than hermaphrodite. 

Since, moreover, he admits that he's attracted to women, I wouldn't expect him to have a penectomy, or have surgeons craft an artificial vagina. 

The main thing he's done is to have radical cosmetic surgery that gives him an effeminate appearance, viz. rhinoplasty, breast implants, cheek implants, facial rejuvenation surgery, brow lift, scalp advancement, jaw tapering, chin reduction, Adam's apple shave, and Botox. That's in addition to the designer wardrobe. 

How many people who hanker to be the other sex can afford that outlay? Wouldn't they look at Jenner and despair? 

ii) Furthermore, it makes people like that profoundly dissatisfied with their physical appearance. They aren't happy, they aren't content, unless they undergo extreme makeover surgery.

Aside from the expense, there are people who are never satisfied with the results of plastic surgery. There's always something else that bugs them. The reality never matches their ideal.

Most normal men and women come to terms with the fact that we weren't born beautiful. Most of us aren't fashion model, movie star material. That doesn't leave us hopelessly depressed. Most folks manage to pair off and have a normal social life in spite of that. 

But if your ideal is to be a glamourpuss like Jenner, then that's an unattainable idea for all but the very privileged few.  

Even with the best plastic surgeon in the world, there's only such much that can be done with the raw material. Your bone structure is whatever it is. That's not a piece of moist clay. 

Some people have a naturally great figure, but ordinary face. Some people have a naturally great face, but ordinary figure. And most of us are just ordinary all around. But that doesn't make us suicidal. 

If, however, you are fixated on your body image, like transgender people, then where does it end?

In fact, the tabloids love to splash their covers with plastic surgeries gone bad. People who didn't know when to stop. 

For that matter, you have to wonder where Jenner will be 5 years from now–or less. At the moment he's riding the crest of the wave. But the attention span of Tinseltown is very ephemeral. Time will quickly pass him by. Imagine when he's 70. 

What happens when he goes home, removes the wig, high heels, evening gown, corset, wonderer, lipgloss, mascara, eyeliner, earrings, and sits alone in a big empty mansion.  

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