Thursday, November 01, 2012

Now on YouTube: John Wycliffe

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  1. Like all movies depicting historical events, certain liberties are taken, and certain historical errors and anachronisms crept in. Often they are romanticized and idealized with the protagonist being portrayed in a better light than they actually were in life. An example of an error I easily caught was when Wyclif says (@ 57 min.) that the New Testament was written in Koine Greek, the common/vulgar language of the day. However, if I recall correctly it was only in the past few generations when this was discovered. Prior to that New Testament Greek was thought to be a special Holy Spirit created Greek because it was so different from Classical Greek.

    Despite the errors, the movie is generally accurate historically and should be viewed by grade school and high school children of Christian parents so as to understand more fully what's at stake when it comes to fidelity to Scripture. As well as to inspire them love and fight for the truth themselves. The movie proves that it's possible to make a low budget film with high quality acting and script.

    Here's the 1953 Martin Luther movie

    Here's the 2003 Luther movie

    My favorite Luther movie was the one done in 1974 starring Stacy Keach. I can't find it freely available online. However, many local public libraries often have a copy of it on DVD. I can't say enough about how I love this version. Keach should have won some kind of acting award. The movie (based on the play) shows Luther warts, doubts, boldness and all.

    Here's the IMDB page for it

    Here's a movie of another precursor of the Reformation Jan Hus and a video biography of Jan Hus
    (Neither of which I've yet seen)

    Many public libraries will also have the movie Becket with Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole too. I love this movie too.

    Here's a fuzzy (but adequate) link to the movie Becket.


    For Spanish speakers:

    Aunque la Día da Reforma (Protestante) es un pasado este es una pelicula sobre la vida de Martinho Lutero Reformista (en Español).



    Sobre la vida San Augustin (amado por católicos y protestantes).

    parte 1/2
    parte 2/2

    O (1/2)
    O (2/2)

    Thanks for the HT John. ;-)

    1. Thanks Annoyed :-)

      My wife thought this was "slow but edifying".