Friday, November 02, 2012

A Christian Case For Miracles

Here's an index for my series of posts on miracles, based on Craig Keener's recent book on the subject:

A Landmark Study Of Miracles
How Many People Claim To Have Witnessed A Miracle?
Judging Competing Miracle Claims
Modern Miracle Reports With Evidence (Part 1)
Modern Miracle Reports With Evidence (Part 2)
The Healing Of Amputees
People Raised From The Dead In Modern Times
Miracles That Are Simultaneous Or Clustered In Some Other Way
Hostile Corroboration Of Modern Miracles
Psychosomatic Miracles?
Why Miracles Aren't More Documented
Misdiagnosis And Healing Miracles
Why God Would Perform Partial, Gradual, And Other Lesser Miracles
Miracles And My Father's Death
Asking For More Evidence For Miracles
The Character Of Miracle Witnesses
Miracles And Christian Exclusivism

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  1. I thought so highly of Jason and the other Triablogger's posts on the issue of miracles that I collected as many links from Triablogue posted on the subject in the context of Keener's book on my own blog. They include posts by Steve and Patrick posted around the same time as Jason's. They include the following. Dec. 12th 2011 by Steve Jan. 9th 2012 by Steve Jan. 15th 2012 by Steve Jan. 19th 2012 by Steve Jan. 26th 2012 by Steve Feb. 20th 2012 by Steve April 3rd 2012 by Steve April 9th 2012 by Steve April 26th 2012 by Steve May 10th 2012 by Steve May 22nd 2012 by Steve Aug. 13th 2012 by Steve Oct. 10th posted by Patrick Chan