Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Count every vote! Every vote counts!

Polymath David Marshall has a timely update on a key voting bock:

However, this runs the risk of sampling bias. As both Michael Barone and Karl Rove have repeatedly pointed out, dogs reflect a very different demographic niche than cats. And that’s based on the further fact, documented long ago by Cornelius Van Til, that dogs and cats have radically divergent worldviews:

Nevertheless, Marshall’s polling data is still encouraging news for Romney. Dogs naturally tend to be blindly loyal Nanny statists. They have a plantation mentality. They live for scraps and handouts from their “master.” Unquestioning allegiance.

By contrast, cats tend to be natural libertarians. Independent. Hunt for their own food.

To be sure, we need to guard against hasty generalizations. On the one hand, some feline voters, like Persians, play into the stereotype of pampered pussies while some canine voters, like Shelties, are natural-born leaders.

So if even canine voters are breaking for Romney, we can expect most feline voters to cast their vote for Romney as well.

Needless to say, Ann Romney has cornered the market on the equine vote.

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