Friday, November 02, 2012

Cheap talk about cherishing women

Full Disclosure: while Rachel does come from a somewhat fundamentalist Protestant background, this book will not be endorsed by the Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood crowd. Rachel is not one of the girls in that hood, or headcovering, or burka [sic].

It’s revealing that Ben Witherington compares evangelical complementarians to the Taliban. He plays on the odious connotations of a loaded word like “burqa.”

BW3 is, of course, a leading egalitarian. Since he likes to make comparisons, let’s compare BW3 to John Piper. Recently, Piper took a 9-month leave of absence to devote more time to his wife:

Has BW3 ever taken a lengthy leave of absence just to have more time with his wife? What about other egalitarians like Roger Olson? 

Of course, most men don’t have the luxury of taking an extended sabbatical or leave of absence. But BW3 is in a different situation than most men.

On the one hand, we have a workaholic egalitarian like BW3 who talks about valuing women; on the other hand we have a complementarian who actually demonstrates how much he values women. BW3 maintains a breakneck schedule of writing, teaching, interviews, and speaking tours. Where does his wife fit into that? Where did his late daughter fit into that?

Which example of cherishing women should we take more seriously?

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