Thursday, July 20, 2006

Steve's hush-hush private life

Since an increasing number of commenters are expressing interest in my sordid private life, I guess it’s time for me to come clean.

In the auspicious tradition of King Solomon, I have a harem.

When my wives and concubines get a little long of tooth, I put some them to work outside the home to support the compound.

The older kids do farm work inside the electrified fence, feeding chickens, chopping wood, milking cows, threshing wheat—that sort of thing.

Some of my other overripe wives and aging concubines are busy nursing newborns, cooking, cleaning—that sort of thing.

This frees up time for me to blog about the Debunkers.

As for my younger, prettier wives and concubines…well, I’ll leave that to your own imagination.


  1. As for my younger, prettier wives and concubines…well, I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

    Don't tell me, they were electrocuted on the electric fence when they were trying to escape. Is that right?

    Speaking of imagination, how's your god doing?

  2. No Ted, Stve just gives them all a picture of you and tells them that's the kind of guy they'll get if they ever leave him. That's enough to keep them on the property.

    Hey, speaking of imagination, how's Mother Nature doing?

  3. Steve,

    What you really should do is try and blog seem to be slowing down. Its encouraging to see that somebody is willing to sacrifice their career, home life, and outside activities to do the highly important work of babbling on and on against the evil Debunkers! Time well spent!

  4. Hey Andre, remember when I slammed you at Wrestlemania?

    Anyway, why assume that it takes more than 5 to 10 minutes to reduce the debunker's arguments to pig slop?

    Well, I certainly can understand if you want Steve, or the other T-bloggers, to stop blogging. This way the evil debunkers crap arguments can go unchallenged.

    What chew gonna do when the largest minds in the world run wild on you, brother!

  5. John the manata LofTus said: No way you could ever takE mE down, you idiot!

  6. Ah, dear Ted.

    No sense of humour. Typical millitant atheist, more interested in making cheap points than laughing.

  7. Hulk Manata, I mean Hogan,

    I owned you...that body slam was obviously faked. I was trying to help put you over.


  8. How's my big leg taste, chump?

    I'm the champ, and all the little Hulkimaniacs will run wild on you, fatty!

  9. As always Steve, you're a d@mn funny guy to read!

  10. Excellent, someone's claimed Photius as a blogger name!

  11. Hulk Manata, I mean Hogan,

    Big words for a little man. Just be careful, or I'll slap the 'rear-naked choke hold' on you. I'm well aware of that you know how effective that hold is.


  12. Andre the Giant,

    Me say you stink. Aren't you dead?

  13. You may be able to, but you're still fat and ugly, you talk funny and your breath stinks. So, don't be jealous of me and my gold locks. Anyway, you can tlak all you want. I got the belt. So, as they say in pro-sports to shut someone up: Scoreboard baby, scoreboard.