Saturday, July 22, 2006

Homosexuality, Evangelicals, and Divorce

Anonymous said:

What tripe...who "told" you, or "implied" all these alleged things you're spewing here? Spare me...

Garsh, homosexuals are human just like self-rigteous, judgmental, Calvinist prigs.

Garsh, the born again fundy divorce rate is the SAME as the general population.

Puhleeeze...go clean up your own house first before you start the smarmy attacks on others.

No wonder so many people see Christians as hypocrites.

7/22/2006 2:28 PM

1. Our unfortunately-anonymous commenter fails to contradict anything that Gene pointed out in his commentary on this particular current event. He simply asks a rhetorical question and then makes irrelevant assertions. He altogether fails to refute the inconsistency that Gene found in the situation at hand.

2. If Gene had asserted that homosexuals are less than human, anonymous' statements might have contained some relevance. But Gene did no such thing, and if anonymous had any clue about Gene's ministry, he would have never implied the accusation that Gene has anything but love for homosexuals.

3. "Garsh"??

4. The statement that the divorce rate among believers and unbelievers is the SAME is terribly misleading. A great number of those included in this on-the-fly statistic were divorced before they believed.

5. Nevertheless, the divorce rate among evangelicals is very disheartening. However, anonymous confuses pastoral concerns with theological concerns. On a theological level, anonymous hasn't pointed out anything that destroys Christianity, or even takes us by surprise. Christianity has had a theology of the doctrine of indwelling sin since its inception. We are hypocrites until we pass from this earth into a glorified state and leave the ever-present battle of sin. The fact that we fail to meet the Biblical standard does not mean that the Biblical standard is not the standard.

6. On a pastoral level, however, I can only grieve at divorce, preach against it, and continue to nurture a love for Biblical marriage. Hopefully, the church will cease allowing sin to reign in them and will begin reigning over sin.


  1. If memory serves, "Garsh" is an interjection favored by the Disney cartoon character Goofy.

    I leave readers to draw their own conclusions from that observation.

  2. "Garsh" is a term I use, to mock the ignorant, Appalachian, Gomer Pyle type, Christian blowhards who post here.

    Well Gaaaaw-leeee Sargent Carter! Dem dere two women wants to get married!

    God told me dats not right!

    They should stay single and masturbate to gay porn like I do!

  3. Ah, yes. I see how effective that device is. I am undone by your rapier wit. Hold, enough!