Sunday, January 24, 2016

NASA Study Sees Maul Panata’s Muscles from Space

I saw this conversation on Facebook and just had to report it.

Maul Panata: They don't make movies like The Godfather (1&2) anymore. This is one reason why men's testosterone levels have dropped since the 1970s.

VS: I thought it was because more and more guys are being raised by single mothers. But it could be movies!

Maul Panata: I only said it's one reason.

VS: Maybe they're connected in some way. Like, men started leaving their families because they were too intimidated by the first two Godfather movies y/n

Maul Panata: Empirical claim needs empirical evidence bro. Do the study. I'm open [smile emoticon]

John Bugay: Do you have studies that show a direct correlation between "movies like The Godfather 1&2" (that's a very vague statement to begin with) and "men's testosterone levels"?

Maul Panata: Yes, the study NASA did on me.

VS: They can see Paul Manata's muscles from space



  1. Ha! I went for a humourous route because I hear it's unwise to engage a Manata in head-on debate :D