Monday, January 25, 2016

The Gospel in the stars

Once upon a time there was a KJV-Onlyist. That's before he lost his faith in God's existence. And what, you ask, was the precipitating event that led to his apostasy?

On a camping trip he was gazing at the night sky when he caught sight of some stars spelling out John 3:16. At first he was ecstatic at this cosmic proof of God's existence. A nature miracle. Forsooth, the Gospel written in the stars!

But his elation was short-lived when he noticed that the message was in the ESV rather than the KJV. This he took as incontrovertible evidence for God's nonexistence. For surely the one true God would arrange the stars to spell out John 3:16 in the KJV!


  1. That's pretty funny.

  2. You should review this

    Possibly debate the guy since he loves to pick his opponents. Usually nominal, non-orthodox "Christian" denominations like Mormons or JW's.

  3. For that matter how do we know the gospel *isn't* spelled out in the stars, but just in a way different than normal human writing, or else in the native tongue of Adam and Eve?

    One could mount a plausible argument that it is, after all, it is written "the heavens declare"...