Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stick it to the Establishment!

A few parting thoughts on Trump and Trumpkins as we bear down on Iowa:

i) I think one of Trump's basic problems–perhaps the underlying problem–is that his vast hereditary wealth has insulated him from the consequences of bad decision-making. He's had that thick padding all his life. 

Ordinary folks don't have that margin of error. If we blow too many opportunities, the opportunities dry up. 

The boss can fire us. A superior can demote us. A teacher can flunk us or downgrade us. A principal can suspend us or expel us. Prospective employers can blacklist us. Landlords can evict us. And so on and so forth. 

By contrast, Trump has never been accountable for what he says and does. His wealth protects him. And the results are predictable. 

ii) I think grassroots Trump supporters are motivated by one thing: Stick it to the Establishment! And he's their vessel. 

They don't care that he has no moral core because, for them, it's all about "Let's stick it to the Establishment!"

They don't care that he has no ideological core because, for them, it's all about  "Let's stick it to the Establishment!"

They construe opposition to Trump as the Establishment reacting to Trump. To them, criticism of Trump is proof of how successful they've been at sticking it to the Establishment. 

But even on its own terms, there are two problems with that:

They are spiting themselves. The sharp end of the spear is pointed in their direction. Trump is not their friend. 

Trump is the Establishment. He's becoming the establishment candidate. The Establishment is lining up behind Trump. His avid grassroots supports will be shut out of the ball. 

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