Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Evangelical endorsements of Trump

We have two somewhat notable endorsements of Donald Trump by two evangelical "leaders": Jerry Falwell Jr. and SBC megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress. 

Falwell Jr. is a celebutante. Celebrity kids, like Lisa Marie Presley and Brody Jenner. No one would give Junior the time of day were it not for the last name. For all his limitations, his dad was a man of some accomplishments. By contrast, his son represents ascribed status rather than achieved status. 

In a way, the informal endorsement by Jeffress is worse.  The Trump candidacy has the effect of sifting and sorting the good apples from the rotten apples. People like Palin, Jeffress, and Falwell Jr. tarnish their own reputation by endorsing Trump. 

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  1. I've often thought lack of discernment is among the most serious problems within the broader professing church in both pulpit and pew.

    The leaders reflect the people reflect the leaders...(not a typo).