Friday, December 18, 2015

A model Christian-Muslim discussion

Prof. James Anderson recommends a debate or discussion (or two) between Dr. James White and Imam Muhammad Musri: "A Model Christian-Muslim Discussion".


  1. Do you guys realize you have some trouble with your website frequently automatically forwarding to another site (gogarden or something like that)?

    It's happened to me on different computers with different IPs. Pretty sure the problem is on your end:

    1. Thanks, Jonathan. It looks like the problem is related to Site Meter. So I've removed Site Meter from our weblog. Hopefully this fixes the problem. Please let us know if it doesn't? Thanks again.

  2. yeah, I would often be directed to "gogardens" or something like that in the past and nowadays to It was curious to me that it would happen only (or most often) when on Triablogue. I'm still not sure I don't have a browser highjacker in my registry or browser addons or extensions etc.