Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chocolate eclair for president

It's funny how many supporters think Trump is a tough guy because he talks tough. But Trump is a creme puff. He was born into a creme puff existence. He's led a creme puff existence all his life. 

His penthouse suite looks like the interior of Versailles. There's an elevator from his bedroom to his boardroom. If he leaves Trump Tower, he takes a helicopter, or a limousine to a private jet, which flies him to a casino. The closest he ever got to the outback was a golf course.

He leads a satin sheet life. If he ever had to sleep on cotton sheets, he'd bleed to death. 

Nicky Cruz is way tougher than Trump. Tom Skinner was tougher than Trump. Heck, Ronda Rousey is tougher than Trump. Voting for Trump is like electing a chocolate eclair to be Commander-in-Chief. 

Trump talks about bombing ISIS to smithereens. At the risk of showing my age, I heard that kind of rhetoric during the Vietnam War. LBJ, Bob McNamara, and Gen. Westmoreland were going to win that war by bombing the Viet Kong to smithereens. 


  1. In the debate yesterday Trump now finally promised to not run as a 3rd party candidate if he didn't win the Republican nomination. He almost sounded tired from all the campaigning these past few months (6 months according to him). If so, then what continues to motivate him might be pride (to not losing the race), rather than actually wanting to win. He wasn't as feisty or ambitious as he has been in previous debates.

    For all we know, he might be looking for a way to graciously bow out or lose the nomination in a way that doesn't embarrass or humiliate him. As far as I know, he's the oldest remaining Republican candidate.

    The daily stress of campaigning might be getting to him and he knows that being president is a 24/7 day job. If he's a chocolate eclair, he might know he might not be able to take the heat. He knows he doesn't have much long to live and he may be reconsidering whether he really wants to spend the remainder of his life working harder than he's worked before while having the lives of 320 million Americans on his shoulders.

    1. See his reply to the question asked of him HERE(already cued up).

    2. Notice how Trump says he has gained respect for many, even all, the candidates standing next to him "in different forms." That includes Rand Paul whom he has said nasty things about and to in previous debates. That statement might be an indication that he may have second thoughts on winning. If so, one way he could get out of the race without being humiliated is to get his doctor to agree to fake a medical condition. Then Trump could say - with apparent patriotic nobility - that for the sake of the country he's concluded that it's best for him to bow out of the race.

    3. Apparently I'm not the only one who suspects Trump doesn't REALLY want to be POTUS. See for example this article HERE that explores Rachel Maddow's hypothesis.

  2. most of the criticisms pointed at Donald Trump also apply to the current Resident of the United States, with the one exception that Trump earned much of his wealth.