Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Good Samaritan 2.0

This is a sequel to my previous post:

Let's use high school stereotypes to cross-contextualize the parable. 

On the one hand, there's the quarterback. Most popular kid in school. Big, buff, strong, tall, hunky and handsome. Looks like a Greek statue that stepped off the pedestal. Drives a sports car. Girls stand in line for the chance to date him. He's banking on a football scholarship to get into college. No shortage of offers. After that the NFL. Product endorsements. Sports commentator. 

On the other hand, there's the geek. Smartest kid in school. Has a free ride to MIT (even though he will drop out halfway through college to start the newest Fortune 500 company at age 20).

But he's overweight. Wears glasses. Bad hair. Hopeless at sports. Hopeless around girls. 

The QB makes fun of the geek in the locker room. Whenever the QB and the geek approach the same door at the same same time, the QB pushes him aside and goes in first. When the geek is standing in line, the QB cuts right in front of him, just to show who's boss. Big dog puts little dog in his place.

One day the school counselor has a message for the QB: his G.P.A. is below what's needed to receive that coveted scholarship. He's failing in math, science, computer science.

The QB needs help. Fast! Somebody to tutor him. Get his grades up. And guess who he turns to?

It's very demeaning for the QB to have to ask the geek for a favor. He never imagined that he'd find himself in that position. 

For his part, the geek has a choice: he could refuse. Payback. This is his chance to make the QB suffer for all the indignities he made the geek endure. 

But instead, the geek decides to be a friend to the desperate, chastened QB. As a result, the QB comes to respect the geek. Protect the geek.

During summer break, the QB takes the geek with him to the gym. Shows him how to get in shape. They go jogging together. The QB teaches him karate, to give him more self-confidence. Gives him some grooming tips. Pays for contacts.

When Fall quarter starts, the geek is transformed. Girls swoon in the hallway when he walks by. And just hanging out with the QB instantly elevates his social status in the high school pecking order. 

Or, if you prefer a love story to a buddy flick, the geek could be the ugly duckling schoolgirl whom the QB unexpectedly falls head over heels for (much to the consternation of his former girlfriend, the head cheerleader) after they spend so much time together as she gets him up to speed on math, science, and computer science. 

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