Friday, December 18, 2015

Apologetic Material On Christmas Issues

Here's a collection of resources. I post one every year, on the day after Thanksgiving. I decided to post on the subject again today, for those who didn't see the earlier post when it originally went up. I don't know how many people are offline just after Thanksgiving or miss these posts for some other reason. But these last several days before Christmas tend to be the time when Christmas apologetic issues are most prominent in the culture.


  1. Hi Jason,
    I always appreciate your material. Thanks.
    What do you think of this article about the origins of the date of Dec. 25 for Christ's birth?

    1. Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      I read Tighe's article several years ago, and I've occasionally commented on his work in my posts over the years. You can search the archives if you're interested. You can read an article I wrote on the December 25 date for Christmas here.