Thursday, January 24, 2013

The all-women's army


Okay, so women can now be official combatants. It’s striking to compare this with the oft-recited meme that nowadays many men never grow up. We could, of course, examine the accuracy of that depiction. But for now let’s play along with the stereotype.

Imagine stay-at-home, unattached males greeting the news of women co-opting a role traditionally reserved for men:

Terrific! By all means, let women do the fighting for us! That’s one less thing for guys to do. Why should I risk my neck when women are so eager to take my place? That frees me up to spend more time at the strip joint.

Go for it, honey! Go fight for me. Be my guest. I’ll be waiting for you if you make it back. (Well, to be honest, I probably won’t wait for you.)

In fact, maybe we can lobby for an all-women’s army. Suit them up and send them off to battle while us sensitive males stay behind to play Paintball, water sports, video games, and surf the web for internet porn. Isn’t women’s lib great! 

1 comment:

  1. Ah Steve

    stop being so pessimistic! We want to stay behind and protect the homeland. Let the women get out front. If they fail, well, we will be here on the home turf ready for what comes to our shore; with all our guns!

    I'm stockpiling a lot of paint balls. I have to replenish them because their shelf life isn't that long!