Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Suicidal atheism


  1. I remember when the word "plague" meant something that killed people.

    Nowadays, I guess a plague is when people keep on living.

  2. I am having trouble reconciling something:

    1) Humans are a plague, and should be reduced.

    2) Famines in Ethiopia are apparently bad.

    3) Nature will control the population for us.

    4) we need to do something about this!

    Why 4?

    I am curious. If human beings are simply complex primates why not let nature do her thing? We wouldn't have to spend time and resources on these silly campaigns about condoms etc. Instead we cut off all aid to foreign countries, allow them to rape, murder, and maim their populations, then let disease reduce the population further. Better yet we could unleash some ebola on some really populated area. I just don't understand the moral universe of secularism, they cut off way to many good secular solutions to population problems.