Saturday, January 26, 2013

Counterfeiting Christ

In Revelation, the Beast is functionally a Devil Incarnate, with a counterfeit resurrection (13:3). The second Beast performs miracles, which parody the miracles of Christ (13:13-15). In that same vein, 20:7-10 may represent a counterfeit Parousia: the second coming of Satan!

Conversely, it’s possible that the downfall of Satan in Rev 12 & 20 represents a judicial inversion of the Ascension. Christ goes up, returning to heaven. By contrast, Satan, who aspired to godhood, spirals down. First he’s cast down from heaven. Then he’s cast down into the Netherworld. It’s a steady descent from the heights to the depths.

Put another way, the Devil’s downward motion represents a classic tragedy, whereas the Son’s downward motion is preliminary to the upward motion, which represents the classic comedy.

Like the contest between Moses and the Egyptian magicians, the diabolical counterfeit has severe limits. 

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