Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is John gone?

Okay, The Time Has Come, I'm Done
I have no more desire to engage Christians. They are deluded, all of them. I have never been more convinced of this than I am now. I have better things to do. I spent 39+ years of my adult life on a delusion. If I add the years of my childhood that's almost my entire life. Yet this is the only life I will ever have. It's time to move on, or at a minimum take a very long hiatus. I just finished what may be my last book, on The Outsider Test for Faith, to be published by Prometheus Books early next year. How many times do I need to kick the dead horse of Christianity? I don't think I need to say anything more. If what I have written isn't good enough then nothing is good enough for some Christians. What I intend to do is turn this blog over to a few qualified people. I'll still be a part of it and I suppose I'll post something from time to time. But I see no reason to waste large chunks of my time on this delusion anymore.

i) Of course, this isn't the first time Loftus has threatened to call it quits. Every so often he steps out on the ledge, hoping his followers, if he has any, will talk him down from the ledge. He wants to feel indispensable. "No, John, don't jump! We can't live without you!"

ii) He also acts as if Christians let him down. He's disappointed that we didn't blow over like tumbleweed when he huffed and puffed.

iii) The basic problem is that Loftus doesn't have anything to live for. He has no positive alternative. He has nothing better, or as good, to replace Christianity with. To spend all your time denouncing your long lost faith isn't much to live for. What's he fighting for?

It's like middle-aged men and women who constantly complain about their dead parents. Constantly complain about their unhappy childhood.

Even if your mom and dad were rotten parents, it's pointless to keep blaming everything on your dead parents. They've been gone for a long time now.

In effect, Loftus goes to the cemetery every day, stands over the grave of his parents, and chews them out. Except for his little coterie of malcontents, no one wants to hear that.

iv) In his Lilliputian self-importance, Loftus evidently imagined that he could singlehandedly change the world. Now he's bitter because today is much like yesterday, and tomorrow will be much like today. Well, Solomon said that 3000 years ago (Ecclesiastes). Until Jesus returns, life goes on much as it always has. Loftus will die. Be cremated. His books will take their musty place alongside the soon forgotten works of Harry Fosdick, Harvey Cox, and John Spong.

In the meantime, Christians will continue to read the Bible and go to church, generation after generation, until the Second Coming.

You're irrelevant, John. Get used to it.


  1. So I suppose the short version of John's post is, "I spent most of my life deluded. Then I deluded myself into thinking I could be a major atheist leader. The best way to cap this off is to delude myself into thinking anyone cares about this."

    That guy is a poster child for Christianity. 'Behold, the life of an angry atheist.'

  2. Every now and then I read the archived Atheism Sucks blogs on John Loftus and the Triablogue articles where he went apopleptic when people quoted the portion of his book that discussed his affair. Why? For laughs. I will give John that- he provided many an entertaining read, and some great laughs when it came to the Discomfitter on Gene Cook's show and John Loftus's attempted rebuttal of him later on.

  3. Love that last line...

    "You're irrelevant, John. Get used to it."