Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Michael I never knew

I primarily know of Michael Sudduth from his essay "The Transcendental Argument for God's Existence."He's worked with Greg Bahnsen, and used to run a blog with another person (don't remember the name). 

He seems to be confusing Michael Sudduth with Michael Butler (and Tim Harris). 


  1. Oops!

    I can't imagine Butler (or Harris) will be amused.

  2. As a side-note, I think the last time I heard Greg Bahnsen speak was when he did voice-work for Kirk's stepfather in Star Trek.

    Oh wait, that was Greg Grunberg. Never mind!

  3. You know, Steve, I'll never be mistaken for a fan of yours, but I'm starting to understand your dislike of Hubner. This guy appears to be more and more of a douchebag every day.

  4. I thought you Triablogeurs were tight friends with the AO fellows...?

  5. Phil Jude, ever since the "Allahu Akbar and Omega Ministries" controversy, the tension has been awfully high between the the two camps.

  6. The mistake as been acknowledged, at least at the AOMin posting.

    And in defense of Jamin, I know he has his foibles for which it he can be criticized (as I have done so myself), but there is really no need to become personally unkind with name calling. Just sayin'.