Sunday, May 27, 2018

The pope's long game


  1. An article recently about China in a newspaper referred to their slow and incremental increase in territory and power. An expert called it the "salami doctrine". China are building their territory and sphere of power, one thin slice at a time. So no-one hardly notices it is happening.

    Francis is doing the same thing. He recently ruminated their might be no such thing as Hell. By thin salami slice at a time he is bringing mystery Babylon crashing down.

    1. I think the "salami doctrine" would indeed be aptly applied in reference to Roman Catholic popes "slowly and incrementally increasing in territory and power".

      However, when it comes to China's "slow and incremental increase in territory and power", perhaps one might instead opt for the rice doctrine, i.e., eating one grain of rice at a time until the entire rice bowl is all gone? Or if we're in a more mischievous mood, maybe the "thousand water drops" doctrine, with water dripping drop by drop until the Great Wall itself is worn down and eventually breached? :-)