Friday, June 01, 2018

Another nail in the coffin


  1. It is difficult to know all the facts on this; but here is another perspective that I noticed. (some how it came up on my twitter feed; and gives more details.)

    1. But that doesn't contradict the statement of the Executive board, does it?

      [Quote] Danny Akin, who is now president of Southeastern seminary, said seminary documents show that after her alleged rape, Lively went to administrators and was sent to meet with Patterson on three separate occasions with three other men present. The seminary’s attorney and chief of security were never notified, and a police report was never filed, Akin said. “Those are clear, unmitigated, fully witnessed facts,” he said.

      “That she would in turn write a letter to someone she looked up to and done what he had asked her to do, that doesn’t surprise me in the least,” he said. “That doesn’t change any of the facts with the assault and no report of it.”

      Akin said he did not know about the incident until May 11, when Lively emailed his provost and his provost forwarded the email to him. He told Lively the seminary would support her if she decided to press charges against her alleged assailant.

      “For 15 years of my life, I thought I did something wrong,” Lively said. “It wasn’t until Dr. Akin told me I didn’t that I firmly believed it. That’s how strong and impressionable Dr. Patterson was to a 23-year-old woman who believed in who he was.”

      The recent controversy around Patterson began after the publication of statements he made starting in 2000 about the Bible’s view of women and his beliefs about spousal abuse and why it’s not grounds for divorce. Patterson was Akin’s preaching professor, and they worked together for nine years, Akin said, adding that he had admired him for decades.

      “This is a man I love. Do I think he gave horrible, horrible counsel? I absolutely do,” Akin said, referring to Patterson’s 2000 comments.

      Akin said he believes files that would help an investigation of the incident were taken from Southeastern when Patterson left.

      “You technically could’ve said they were stolen. I wouldn’t say that. I think they took them unwisely,” he said. “They’re still Dr. Patterson’s, in his mind. He doesn’t want to return them. I’m hopeful and pretty confident that Southwestern’s trustees will see fit to return them.”
      Ueckert said in a statement that Southwestern has located those documents and is working on returning them to Southeastern.

  2. Thanks for giving more details & link to Washington post article. At least the Washington post article linked to the one I saw. I am still trying to untangle the details.