Monday, May 28, 2018

Picking a roommate

In the past I've pointed out that one's biological sex is far more central to one's self-identity than race or ethnicity. Another example is sexual orientation. 

Just suppose, for argument's sake, that as a white guy I prefer the company of white folks. That doesn't mean I dislike the company of minorities, but on the pecking order, if given a choice, I'd rather hang out with "my own kind". 

In reality, that's not how I divvy things up, but for discussion purposes, let's consider the hypothetical case of a white guy who'd rather spend his time with other white folks.

Suppose, though, I need a roommate to defray expenses. Say I'm a college student. There are two applicants: one is a straight minority and the other is a queer white guy. 

It's obvious that in that case, I have far more natural rapport with a straight guy of another race than a queer guy of the same race. Two straight guys, just by virtue of their heterosexual wiring, share a common outlook that's very fundamental. 

So even if, all things being equal, I'd prefer a white roommate, that's easily offset, by a very wide margin, if it's a choice between a heterosexual roommate and a homosexual roommate. Racial differences are dwarfed by comparison. 

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