Tuesday, March 08, 2016

We Simply Don’t Care about What’s Important


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  1. He gets pretty close to the truth, but of course "the problem" goes *way* back before Socrates.

    But it should be plain to any thinking person that a lack of access to, or a simple dearth of accurate information isn't "the problem".

    The so-called war on drugs is a prime example. Are we to believe that the meth-heads and heroin addicts were just lacking information about the dangers of meth and heroin? Was there insufficient information available?

    Yet practically every time these types of problems are discussed what's the answer? More funding for educational programs.

    The author correct in identifying the problem as essentially moral/ethical, he just lacks the property category, and of course he's hopelessly lacking a solution.

    So ironically in the final analysis his lament is just more sound and fury signifying nothing, same as Trump.