Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lukess Skywalker



  1. For those of us who haven't seen the movie yet and want to avoid any possible spoilers.. does the article give anything away?

    1. Yet, this review contains plot spoilers. Mind you, I think movies like this are fairly predictable. It's not like it gives away a twist ending. If the film is thrilling, it's not because the plot is full of surprises, but because the story is well told.

    2. Thanks for the heads up.
      More than anything Star Wars has more of a nostalgic appeal to me, rather than expecting a riveting story. While I agree there probably wont be much of a twist or anything like that. All I've seen/know about this movie is what they've shown in the trailers. Which doesn't give you much about what the movies about.

  2. I think I commented somewhere here that Lucas wasn't a storyteller, and that he just recycled the same narrative over and over with slight variations and twists, and it sounds like Disney/Abrams are the same insofar as the Star Wars franchise goes at least.

    But they're making tons of money, and now have years and years worth of merchandising for their trinkets, attractions, and other marketing ventures, so good business call.

    Plus they'll draw in the next generation of Star Wars fans, so they'll establish the franchise for years to come. They're money.

  3. Relevant anecdote I thought some might enjoy:

    So I went to see this movie on Christmas when I was at Disney World with my nephew. We saw it at the AMC dine-in theater at Disney Springs (former Downtown Disney). While we were waiting to get into the room people started panicking, running into the building and down the hall. They were saying someone had a gun and there was a shooting. One of the theater works said "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Everyone stay calm!" and the crowd stopped running. It turned out to be false reports.

    But what is funny about the scenario, and what is relevant to Godawa's remarks, is that almost all of the women were visibly much more shaken up by the incident than the men. Several of the women were crying, some were hugging each other, the rest were clinging to their husband's/boyfriend's arms. Not a single man in the theater was crying or showed visible signs of stress the way the women did. A woman said "Someone's got a gun!" and a man said "Shhh! Let's not jump to conclusions." Then we get into the movie and male actor playing Fin is acting like the panicked woman and the female actor playing Ray is acting like a man (telling Fin not to hold her hand etc.)... Fantasy vs. reality was starkly contrasted that night for me.