Friday, December 25, 2015

Armed defense

"John Piper, Guns, and Civic Responsibility" by Steven Wedgeworth.

"Why I Disagree with John Piper on Christians and Concealed Weapons" by Bob Thune.


  1. Great Christmas morning reading. Thanks for sharing these.

    I hope someone who loves John Piper will gently correct his atrocious theology, philosophy, ethics, and pastoral counsel on this subject, and that he will have the humility to post a full and public retraction and repudiation of his original article.

    Does a man like Piper have no one to read his material and give him honest, Biblical feedback prior to publication?

    1. Thanks, CR. I presume Piper just posts what he likes, but that's just a hunch.

      Although I expect his close friends would've known his views. If so, then I suppose it depends whether they agree or disagree with Piper.