Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why the Republican Party is Dead to Me


  1. Alan, you seem to be a single issue voter: illegal immigration. If so, I'm curious about your priorities. Why is that one issue the litmus test? What makes you think that's the most important issue, that co-ops all the other issues?

    Yes, Rubio is weak on illegal immigration. I expect a Latino politician from Florida to be weak on illegal immigration. That doesn't leave me disillusioned, since I make allowance for the fact that Rubio isn't credible on that particular issue. Even conviction politicians have priorities. Some issues mean more to them than others.

    The question is the overall package, and how credible they are in general.

    As for Jeb, he's near the bottom of my list anyway. He's one notch above Christie. But even Jeb is far superior to Trump. When you're as bad as Trump, it doesn't take much to be a decided improvement–and still be one of the worst contenders.

    Your commentary on the presidential campaign is persistently anti-intellectual. You consistently dodge evidence that runs counter to your hopes and claims. That's not an intellectual virtue.

    1. Alan, there's no coherence to your advocacy. Earlier, you linked to a WND column in which Ann Coulter is fawning over Trump.

      Why does her endorsement carry any weight with you? She's a 53-year-old spinster who used to date Bob Guccione, Jr. Does he normally date virgins? Does he normally have platonic relationships with his girlfriends? 

      Likewise, she dated Andrew Stein, a bigwig NYC Democrat.

      She used to be a big fan of Chris Christie and Mitt Romney. Don't you consider both men to be paradigm RINOs?

      Makes me wonder if her social conservatism isn't a pose.

      You keep doing these drive-by hits. You keep ducking counterevidence. Everything you post is purely reactionary.

  2. As Steve said, Alan keeps ignoring evidence he's been given against his claims. See, for example, my response to him in the comments section of the thread here. I provided him with a lot of evidence of Republican accomplishments, yet he keeps linking us to web pages like the one he linked above, where the author absurdly asks "what exactly was the point" of recent Republican victories. I've explained what the point was, Alan. I've repeatedly given you a large amount of evidence of the Republicans producing results significantly better than what the Democrats have produced. You keep ignoring evidence you've been given many times.

    You also have a tendency to be overly dependent on anecdotal evidence. Citing an article about the comments of one Republican consultant doesn't prove much, especially when your position is as sweeping as "Why the Republican Party is Dead to Me".


    Just going to put that right there.