Tuesday, August 25, 2015

And while we are at it, let's throw the Republican anchor cry babies over Trump's Wall...


 Image result for republican boehner crying



  1. i) I don't object to the term "anchor baby."

    ii) Rick Santorum was raising the issue of illegal immigration before Trump entered the race. Why do so many alleged conservatives suffer from historical amnesia?

    iii) Coulter acts as if she's auditing to be Trump's next wife. Perhaps that's her intention.

    iv) From the standpoint of Christian social conservatism, is illegal immigration at the top of the list? What about abortion? "After-birth" abortion? Infanticide? Euthanasia? The Bill of Rights? School choice? The homosexual agenda?

    v) It's unfortunate to see putative conservatives act like suckers for a used car salesman. Trump is such a transparent political poseur.

    1. Many Trumpkins are taken in by the fact that he's running against Washington. At the risk of stating the obvious, casting yourself as the outsider who will shake up the Beltway establishment is such a hackneyed political cliche.  

  2. Immigration was frequently discussed in the 2012 campaign, when Trump wasn't even running. It's also been discussed by candidates other than Trump in this 2016 cycle, including before Trump got in the race. And who drew up Trump's plan on immigration? Jeff Sessions, a Republican leader in Congress. Yet, Alan keeps telling us that the Republican party is dead to him, that the Republican party needs to be destroyed, etc. That's the same party Trump is running in. The same party whose leaders would have to pass any legislation a president Trump would want. But why trust Trump's newfound conservatism on some issues (while remaining liberal on others), and why think his electability is good enough for him to become president? When you do things like linking that article about Ann Coulter and posting a picture of John Boehner, you aren't doing much to advance the case for Trump. More than advancing the case for Trump, you're advancing the case that Trump supporters are irrational.

    And if you want to throw Boehner over Trump's wall, what have you done to accomplish that? Boehner is in the House. He's not a Republican presidential candidate. What have you been doing in the House to unseat him? And how does it make sense to hold people like Walker, Rubio, and Cruz responsible for what Boehner has done? If Boehner isn't conservative enough, why respond by supporting the more liberal Trump in a presidential campaign in which Boehner isn't running?

  3. For some reason, you always have voters who just don't know a demagogue when they see one.

    Alan is a prophecy teacher. Alan has written a whole book on the Antichrist, yet if Trump were the Antichrist, Alan would vote for him. I don't mean Alan would consciously vote for the Antichrist. But the Antichrist is a master propagandist. If people can be hoodwinked by Trump, the same people can be hoodwinked by the Antichrist (or the false prophet).

  4. That's a lol pic though.