Friday, August 28, 2015

One man's scandal is another man's success

Not to excuse Josh Duggar, but if he looked like, say, a youthful Warren Beatty rather than a schlub, he'd come in for very different treatment. If you're plain and plump, and you're caught in sex scandal, a lot of people hold you in contempt. If, however, you're a handsome playboy, many of the same people may even have a sneaking admiration. Image literally has everything to do with how some people evaluate misconduct.

Or take people like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. They aren't even handsome. But they project power. That, combined with their bad boy image and swinger lifestyle makes them objects of vicarious admiration.   


  1. It's interesting that the people who berate Josh Duggar the most are those who are trying to justify their own breed of sexual sin. It's as though they are insinuating, "See all you moral religious types are really hypocrites, so let us do whatever we want to do." The people who are quickest to extend Josh the possibility of forgiveness are those who recognize that he has committed sexual sin but yet can have forgiveness in Christ.

  2. Brad Pitt allegedly cheated on his then wife Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie and most people didn't raise an uproar. Of those who did, it seemed that most of those were angry with Angelina rather than Brad. So, there's an example where a good looking guy can pretty much get away with adultery in the eyes of the public.