Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two Roman Catholic Claims you’ll always see; one of them is always false

Maybe THE stock assumption that a Roman Catholic apologist makes is that “the Church that Christ Founded®” has anything at all to do with what the Roman Catholic religion has become today. Following up on his previous post, “Roman Catholicism on Trial: Evidence and Assumptions”, Stephen Wolfe challenges that claim and has outlined “Two Roman Catholic claims that cannot both be true”:

When engaging Roman Catholic apologists one often encounters two claims: 1) Roman Catholicism is publicly verifiable, meaning that one can provide sufficient reasons for a nonbeliever to convert to Roman Catholicism, and 2) that any conclusion concerning the type of church Christ founded that does not secure a means of certainty (as defined by Roman Catholicism) can be rejected prima facie. In this article I will examine whether or not one can consistently hold both of these claims.

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