Friday, March 22, 2013

Marshall v. Carrier


  1. Thanks for posting this! I plan to post Carrier's opening argument in the next few days, along with a more detailed "fact-checking" of his rather weak and misleading attempt to rebut this present argument.

    I'll also be offering a prize to whoever answers Carrier's version of the Argument From Evil best. (I know I didn't give that part of his argument the best answer, myself!)

    1. to David B. Marshall:

      Last night I listened to your debate with Richard Carrier and I found your part in the debate very encouraging. I noticed that part of your arguments included appeals to the supernatural. You even cited Craig Keener's book on Miracles.

      Well, this afternoon I found and listened to Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland's lecture: Discerning God's Voice - When God Seems Silent

      Starting at 13 minutes (and for the rest of the lecture), J.P. Moreland recounts his experiences with the supernatural and that of his friends. They include examples of specific words of knowledge, dreams and visions, angelic presence and sightings etc.

      I thought you might find the lecture additional ammo for your future debates. I'm a continuationist myself, but I was surprised to discover that a noted Christian philosopher would be so open to the supernatural as he is.

      Here's the link again

      I'm posting this on your blog as well.