Friday, August 03, 2012

The Most Interesting Man In The World

The anonymous "TurretinFan"—yes, the guy who refuses to face those he (or she) constantly accuses of biblical and/or moral crimes.

This allegation naturally piqued my curiosity, so I put my private investigators on the elusive trail of Turretinfan. As it turns out, TurretinFan has indeed shown his face on many occasions:


  1. Wow am I now baffled! I never would have guessed in a million days TFan had grey hair, a nicely groomed beard and a cult following of female beer drinkers!

    I do have to say, when I saw him come out of the fridged ice hole with those fish my mouth started watering and my mind immediately starting thinking how I would gut them and cook them and eat them, me being a Native American and all! :)