Tuesday, July 31, 2012

God Without Parts

James Anderson reviews God Without Parts by James Dolezal.

BTW, here's a video interview with Dolezal on his book:


  1. That was a good review of his book. It is especially important these days to defend this doctrine. I hear it regularly denied by Clarkians/scripturalists. Ditto from Eastern Orthodox adherents. I do wonder, however, how James Anderson would propose shoring up some of the shortcomings of Dolezal's book that he mentions, specifically the matter of scriptural support and the matter of squaring up simplicity with the Triune nature of God.

  2. Aquinas did a great job in squaring simplicity with the Trinity. See his treatise on the Triune God in the Summa Theologiae, and the helpful expositions by modern theologians such as Gilles Emery.