Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Britain's NHS

"Britain's NHS: No Fun and Games"

HT: Steve.


  1. When it comes to medical horror stories, there are more than enough to go around on both sides of the pond. The NHS just provides them more cheaply. Seriously, though, I've lived in the US and the UK and if the US system is so much better, I can't say I've personally noticed. Both systems seem to be creaking pretty badly for different reasons.

    Having said that, the NHS bit in the Olympics opening ceremony was a bit cringe-worthy.

    1. 1. Of course, this article is about the NHS and how it was portrayed under Boyle's direction. Maybe I missed it but I didn't see where it made a comparison between the NHS and US health care system. Let alone positively favoring the US health care system over the NHS.

      2. That said, I don't think anyone is saying the US health care system doesn't have problems. Personally I do think the US health care system could be improved.

      3. However, at the same time, speaking for myself, I'd much rather work as a physician in the US health care system than in the NHS. And as a patient, again speaking for myself, I'd rather have to navigate the American health care system than the NHS.

      4. I say all this as an American who has lived in both the US and UK too. In fact, I have a close relative who is a physician in the UK. As well as friends from the UK who are physicians. Although I have more relatives and friends who are physicians in the US.